Dear Timber Lakes Owner:

This may be a duplicate of this message. If so, we apologize. We are in the process of changing databases and are sending this message to the owners in the old database, as well as toothless in the new.

Magnesium Chloride Test Site
Tuesday, July 7, Timber Lakes is applying a magnesium chloride mixture on part of Blue Spruce Drive and sections of a few additional roads in the subdivision. We are testing this treatment to determine how much it will help bind the road product (prevent it from wearing away as quickly), prevent washboard and help keep the dust down. On July 7, Blue Spruce and other roads will be closed to through traffic and all construction vehicles. You should refrain from driving on those roads on that day. We will have detour signs in place. For local traffic only, you must DRIVE EXTREMELY SLOW (Maximum 3 MPH) or you will break up the finished application and possibly get the mixture on your car. If you do not follow this advice we are not responsible for any magnesium chloride on your vehicle.

The Annual Meeting of the Timber Lakes Property Owners Association will be held on Saturday, July 11, 2015, at the Wasatch County Sr. Citizen Center at 10:00 a.m. Check-in begins at 9:00 a.m. The Center is located at 465 East 1200 South in Heber City, Utah. The purpose of the meeting is to elect three owners to serve as members of the Board of Directors and to conduct such other business as may be properly brought before the Board. Board Members will also report on their areas of responsibility. Ballots and additional information have been mailed to each owner of record.

By order of the Board of Directors of the Timber Lakes Property Owners Association – Cassandra Smith, Secretary.

If you have not received your ballot packet in the mail by July 1, 2015, please contact the TLPOA office (435) 785-8762,

Need Volunteers for the Annual Meeting
To help the July 11 Annual Meeting run smoothly, we need 4 volunteers to help count ballots and 5 to help at the front check-in tables. These positions are very important, plus it’s a great way to meet your neighbors! If you are interested in helping please contact the TLPOA office (435) 785-8762 or

No Open Fires or Fireworks!
In preparation for this year’s dry season, when there is great danger of wild fires, please remember that Timber Lakes has a “Zero-Tolerance Open Fires and Fireworks Policy.” We must take this seriously – the consequences may be too great! Please remind neighbors and your guests of our rules and the reason why we have them. Report any dangerous activity this wild fire season to TLPOA security (435) 785-8764, who will be issuing $100 citations and, when necessary, calling the Fire Department at 911 – who may also issue tickets. For a complete listing of our community’s rules, refer to our CC&Rs at

7-day parking passes required on all vehicles and trailers in the TLPOA parking lots.
Parking passes are FREE and may be obtained at the TLPOA office or security. Owners must be present when applying for a parking permit. Owners may email security ahead of time at to get their guests a parking permit. The TLPOA parking lot is for short-term (max of 7 days) parking only. If you are parking both a trailer and the vehicle that towed it, you need TWO permits – one for the trailer and one for the vehicle. Please be courteous when you park, do not take up excess room, especially on the weekends! If you have questions about any of this ask TLPOA Security (435) 785-8764. Vehicles and trailers without a TLPOA parking pass may be booted and/or towed, at your expense – as the HUGE sign at the parking lot states!

Please Break Down Your Cardboard Boxes at the Recycle Center
Boxes that are not broken down take up a lot of space and cause us to have to pay for more pickups. There is a utility knife hanging in the recycle center for just this purpose.

For More Information About Your Community – Please visit

Gary Hume, President
TLPOA Board of Directors