Monthly Meetings Tomorrow
March 18, 2015 TLPOA Board Meetings. All owners welcome. Check the private site for details.

Check Your Gate Remote – Don’t Get Stranded!
Our new gates are up and running great! We hope they bring reliable security at a low cost for many years to come. If you haven’t already, please make sure we have your gate remote codes entered into the new system so your remote will work. If you have not done this, or have not tested your remote after having your code re-entered recently, they may not work and you will not be able to get in after security has left for the night. For the next month Security will be asking EVERYONE to use their remotes to come through the gate. They may not be automatically opening the gate for you even if they see your owner’s windshield sticker. This is so you can test your remote. Please be patient, this delay is to make sure your remotes work properly.

Remote Opener Batteries
You should consider changing the battery in your remote – A23 or L1028 are the sizes. You can get them in Heber at Days Market or Walgreens. They may also be available in other stores. DO NOT try to piggy-back, or follow another car too closely through the entrance – the gate arm will close on your car. Also, as you approach the front gate, dim your headlights, so security can more easily see your owner’s vehicle windshield sticker.

Free Waste Drop-off
Check out your annual bill from Wasatch County for Waste Collection Service (TLPOA dumpsters) from the Wasatch County Solid Waste Disposal District. At the bottom there is a “Cleanup punch pass, KEEP THIS STUB. Valid April – June 2015. Residential Only. One punch per pickup size load X X X”. This means you have 3 FREE TRIPS to take household garbage and bulky items to the Wasatch County Solid Waste Disposal District Transfer Station. The Transfer Station accepts large items like washers, dryers, couches, refrigerators, tree limbs, etc. They will NOT accept dirt, rocks, concrete or tree trunks. Normally these drop offs cost you. For more information (435) 657-3280, (435)654-1661, 1891 West 3000 South, Heber City, open Mon – Sat 9:00 -5:00.

Common Area Committee Planning Meeting
The Common Area committee meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 25th at 10:00 am at the TLPOA office. For more info read the Common Area Committee’s article in the newsletter.

Large Trucks Entering Timber Lakes
Make sure to contact TLPOA security (435)785-8764 ahead of time if you have a contractor, service provider or delivery coming to your Timber Lakes property. Depending on the road conditions in spring, winter and fall, some trucks may not be allowed into Timber Lakes. Large trucks MUST be 4-Wheel Drive AND have chains with them. Large trucks, especially trucks over 10,000 lbs, require special permission to enter Timber Lakes.

We hope to see you at the Board meetings.

Gary Hume,
President, TLPOA Board of Directors