We held our annual meeting this morning (Saturday, July 12, 2008). We had approximately 125 people in attendance and about that same number voted by mail.

John Blickenstaff, Mike Durr and Gifford Ely were elected to three-year terms as members of the Board of Directors. Brad Denney ran a nice absentee campaign. He was unable to attend the meeting but was nominated from the floor and received many votes, but not enough to win a seat.

We announced our discussions with All West Communications about improving the services they offer in Timber Lakes and look forward to working with them on these enhancements. Regarding one of those items, a non-binding poll of those present showed an overwhelming majority favor getting cell phone coverage on the mountain.

Ernie Giles, Wasatch County Fire Chief, announced the County has decided to build a fire station in Timber Lakes. He was applauded and expressed appreciation by stating that he is not usually applauded when he shows up. Both the County and the Property Owners Association still have some hoops to jump through to make this happen, but the prospects are exciting.

We will summarize the rest of the meeting in the minutes, which we will post as soon as we have a chance to compose and review them.

Following the public meeting, the Board of Directors met and elected officers for the fiscal year (July 2007 through June 2008). The results:

John Blickenstaff — President
Ole Smith — Vice President of Administration
Gary Hume — Vice President of Operations
Charlie Richards — Treasurer
LaMar Hadley — Secretary

I would like to thank a bunch of people. First, thanks to John Young, our outgoing President. John did a remarkable job of organizing the Board’s workload and refereeing between strong opinions. He and his wife, Ilse, put in untold hours worrying about details, getting the newsletters organized and printed, creating meeting agendas and talking to property owners, The Young’s have served our mountain community well and we will miss him as our President.

I also want to thank Grant Fairbanks and his election committee for handling the ballots and counting the votes. Grant has tackled this project for several years and we appreciate his civic spirit and willingness to provide service to the rest of us.

I appreciate Connie Hadley, for taking minutes and keeping us all honest. She has a big task just riding heard on LaMar, but she also finds the time to communicate with the rest of the Board and keep us informed of issues that she knows we need to look at.

I want to thank each of you that took the time to vote in this election, as well as those who voted in the Pebble Creek matter. We will be back to you shortly to ask you to approve another couple of important items.

Finally, thanks to you property owners who have contacted a Board member with a concern, suggestion, complaint or question. We appreciate your input. If we have not addressed your problem yet, it is not because we do not care; it is because we do not have enough property owners volunteering to help us. If you are willing to help, please let us know.

Our Board will meet in two weeks to map out our priorities for the coming year and pledge to keep trying to improve the quality of life on our mountain.

John Blickenstaff